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Implement A Useful Resource Into Your Business

You don't just need a resource, they should be useful and provide significant value to your organization. Efficency, Integrity and Committment just a few of the characteristics that make Vencill Consulting Resources stand out. There are a number of options, select an organization that  has demonstrated success and reputation for delivering results.

When you're in need of consulting services for a small, medium or large project, we can help you with the resources you need to successfully implement your project. Vencill Consulting, LLC, helps organizations locally in the Sacramento area, the Bay Area and throughout California who may be in the process of researching the feasibility of purchasing and/or ready to implement an Electronic Health Record System into their business. With over 20 years of experience in this field, you can count on us to provide exceptional value.

Electronic Health Record System

Having an electronic health record system as a part of your organization keeps things organized while cutting out unnecessary paperwork that would often times bog down smaller businesses. In the process of implementing an electronic health record system, we can help you identify your business requirements, conduct a Gap Analysis, document your To-Be processes, create your Project Plan/Schedule, identify needed resources, help with vendor selection and implement a system of any size for your organization.

Medical Records

Business Process Analysis

Vencill Consulting, LLC understands the importance of well documented business requirements when you are researching the feasibility of investing in a business automation project. If you are struggling to document your business processes, if your functional requirements are not clear to the vendor you select the system may not meet your expectations.  Vencill Consulting, LLC can assist you in documenting clear, concise requirements so that your business objectives can be met by any vendor selected.

End User Support and Training

There are a number of training models with EHRs, helping organizations plan for success for training as well as post go-live is another area of value we can provide to your organization. Vencill Consulting, has the resources to develop a training plan for your organization. We can either develop the training plan using your internal resources as the trainers or use our experienced Electronic Health Records trainers. All you need to do is let us know which model works best for you. 

What about after go-live, what will your support model look like? Have you planned for the ongoing maintenance and support? Vencill Consulting can help you plan for your ongoing maintenance and can also offer ongoing training and end-user support services to reduce the overall cost to the organization. 

Business Services Consultation

When your organization is in need of consulting services to help organize or build a proposal for an Electronic Health  Records System, we are ready to help. Having over 20 years of experience, we are able to help governmental, nonprofit, and business entities with their proposals. With a programing and project management background as well as configuration skills, we are capable of getting the job done.

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